Friends of the Centre - Have Your Say join our parent forum

The aim of the Parent Forum is to provide an opportunity for all parents of children under the age of 5 to have a voice in relation to the work of the Children’s Centre. It is a way in which parents can be involved in the life of the Centre whilst also offering the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills, have fun and make new friends.  

Stotfold and District Children’s Centre is committed to parents being involved in their children’s care and education. There is a lot of research to show that parental involvement is a contributing factor to children’s attainment in education and to improved outcomes for children. 

The Forum will be overseen by the Children’s Centre Team. 

Responsibilities include: 
  • The Forum should meet a minimum of once per term 
  • All parents in the Children’s Centre community are welcome to take part in the Forum 
  • Meetings will be planned around the availability of the parents, and will, if necessary, be rotated around the Children’s Centre community  
  • Parents should be given the opportunity to suggest ideas for the agenda 
  • The Children’s Centre team and a representative of the Partnership Group must always be present at any Forum meetings 
  • Representatives of the Parent Forum will be invited to attend the Children’s Centre Partnership Group 

In addition, the Forum will be able to convene up to three Task and Finish groups to carry out specific pieces of work, for example:
  • Fundraising for new equipment and resources   
  • Planning an open event   
  • Organising speakers for a range of talks to parents. 

Task and Finish groups come together to carry out a piece of work. They are time limited and activity based. Once their work is achieved, they disband. In this way all parents are given a chance to take part.  


At no time during a Parents Forum meeting should individuals or groups of Individuals who are either professionals or families be discussed in a manner which is detrimental to them or which would betray their confidentiality. The only exception to this is if there is a risk of harm to a child or an adult and in this case it is requested that the matter is raised on a one to one basis with the Children’s Centre team. 

Code of Conduct 

There is an expectation that everyone present at a Parents Forum meeting will allow others to speak without interruption and will listen to the points being raised. Everyone should be permitted to express an opinion honestly and at times there may need to be an agreement to differ. No-one should be made to feel that their input into the debate is less valuable than anyone else’s. Discussion should be fair and equal without being monopolised by an individual or by a group.