What is a Children's Centre? 

Children's Centres provide a wide range of services within the local community for young children and their families from pregnancy to five years.
The aim is to offer every child the best start in life and is developed so that families can benefit from a wide range of flexible services, information resources and professional support when they need it and in a convenient location.
Children's Centres link families with Children's Services.

Stotfold and District Children's Centre offers services for approximately 400 families which include:
  • Links to good quality Early Years Provision including advice and information on Early Education and Childcare places to suit family's needs 
  • Support for all children and families including those with special/additional needs 
  • Support for parents through Toddler Groups, Parenting Programmes and Family Support / Groups 
  • Support for Childminders through Networks and Groups 
  • Links with JobCentre Plus, Training, Employment Support and Higher Education Providers 
  • Advice and information for parents and carers 
  • Signposting to Support, Child and Family Health Services 
We aim to link with or provide a variety of groups and activities to meet the needs of families in our surrounding community.

Our Children's Centre is open Monday to Friday with many Groups, Services and Activity Days running throughout all school holidays too! 

Once registered with Stotfold and District Children's Centre, all services offered are available to you as a member and with your name automatically added to our Mailing List, you will receive first hand all available information on current and future Services and Activities running in the area. 

If you have already registered, but have not received an email from us lately, please call as we may not have the correct or most current email address.

Groups and Activities

Click here to download our current Centre Leaflet
*** Please note the Dad's N Tot's group is no longer running, we are looking to start a working parents group on a Saturday. If you are interested in supporting us with this. Please contact the Children's Centre ****
These are some examples:
  • * Playing Together  * Baby & Toddler groups *Pop Ins *Adult Learning *1:1 family support
  • * Parent Drop-in  *Music, Arts and Crafts Groups *First Aid Courses *Healthy Eating Courses
  • *Baby Massage * Breastfeeding Drop-in *Bra'sserie *Sling Library *Speech and Language
  • *Access to Health Visitors *Antenatal Classes *Parenting Courses *Access to Jobcentre Plus Training 
Children's Centres are at the heart of the Government’s “Every Child Matters” Programme working towards improving the lives of children and young people. The aim is for every child, whatever their background or circumstances, to receive the support they need to:
  • Be Healthy 
  • Stay Safe 
  • Enjoy and Achieve 
  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing 
  • Make a Positive Contribution 
All organisations involved with providing services to children, from Children's Centres and Schools, to Police and Voluntary Groups, work together and share information in order to protect children and young people from harm and help them towards reaching their full potential.

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