Registered Childminders

If you are looking for someone to care for your child, then it’s natural for you to want the best person for the job.  

Childminders are based in their own homes and provide child care for small groups of children. They are usually self-employed and decide which hours they work. 

Today’s childminders must by law be registered with Ofsted Early Years (The Government’s Education Inspectorate), be DBS checked, undertake a 12-hour First Aid course and have completed a Local Authority Approved Induction Course.  

Because childminders are registered, self-employed and work in their own home it means that they: 
  • Can usually care for brothers and sisters together because they care for children of all ages.  
  • Can be flexible about hours.  If you work shifts, talk to a childminder about what they can offer.  
  • Care for small groups of children, so they can give each child more individual attention, whether they are potty training or about to take GCSEs!  
  • Are more easily able to take children to and from school, or to clubs and activities they attend.  
  • Help children learn about the world using everyday activities - weighing fruit at the shops, baking something for tea or collecting leaves at the park.  
  • Find it easier to go on outings to the park, library and other local sites, which means your child can get out and about and learn from real life situations.  
  • Offer childcare that’s eligible for financial support. 

Choosing a childminder won’t complicate your finances, as they are self-employed and responsible for their own National Insurance and Tax. 

Childminders receive support through the National Childminding Association (NCMA). 

The Children's Centre holds details of Childminders in the area, please pop in if you would like some further information.  

Alternatively Child-minders details can be found on the Central Bedfordshire Family Information Website, Click Here for more information.

Information on childminding and details of local childminder’s services are available at Stotfold and District Children's Centre.