Promoting British Values

Stotfold and District Children’s Centre

Promoting British Values


Promoting British values has become increasingly important over the last few years, with all child care providers having to demonstrate how we are actively promoting the values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those around us that have different faiths and beliefs.

Our centre does this in many ways including but not limited to:



Through singing time and the use of puppets, children within our groups are encouraged to value each other’s opinions and values by individually selecting their chosen song and puppet and then taking it in turns to show and explain to the group the reasons for their choice, thereby demonstrating democracy in sharing views, turn-taking and collaboration.


Rule of Law

Working with our families we create ‘Family Values’ posters within our Parent Puzzle Courses and encourage everyone of all ages to decide the Do’s and Don’ts within the family and home, marking them down and then decorating their work! On a less creative note all children within our centre and groups are encouraged to understand the rules of safety i.e. exits and doors, sitting down together whilst enjoying snacks or drinks, sharing toys, tidy time etc.


Individual Liberty

We provide many opportunities for children to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence in their own abilities through:

» a varied book corner to develop knowledge and reading skills

» physical and challenging activities involving soft play obstacles, ball ponds/pits, stepping stones, hopscotch mats and stilts

» mark making, painting, crafts and messy creative and exploratory play

» Sensory experiences involving sight, sound, smell and touch through sand, water, playdoh,

foam modelling, beads, shells, Gloop and bath foam activities


Mutual Respect and Tolerance

On any day and in many situations an understanding and acceptance of tolerant behaviours including sharing and respecting other’s opinions and feelings are of paramount importance.  We promote diverse attitudes and challenge stereotypes by welcoming everyone and sharing stories and examples of situations that reflect on and value the diversity of children’s and families’ experiences.  There is an unwritten ethos of inclusivity and tolerance accepted by everyone in our team and expected within our community where views, faiths, cultures and race are valued.

Through this and celebrating faiths from around the world (Chinese New Year, Diwali), introducing tastes and understanding intolerances at snack times, having varied information available and particularly with our younger children encouraging non-stereotypical and gender free play through free access to resources available we feel we are working towards an all-encompassing acceptance of all walks of life.